Our engagement games and play-based projects are all designed not just to facilitate official processes, education, and real-world action, but to natively be real-world actions themselves. They are designed and built in cooperation with our partners.

Community PlanIt is a game that makes planning playful, and gives everyone the power to shape the future of their community. [2011-now]

Civic Seed is a multi-player RPG that harnesses the power of online social play to teach and certify students to civically engage with partner communities. [2012-now]

UpRiver is made in partnership with the Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Center. This game will teach people living in high-risk areas to predict dangerous floods. [now]

Street Cred is a game-based civic badging API that is meant to expand the types of civic actions people take using existing tools like Citizens Connect or Foursquare. [now]

Habit@ is designed to give local citizens many ways to both make their voice heard and access important information, and take action with others in their community. [now]

Participatory Chinatown players explored a digital, 3D version of Boston's Chinatown neighborhood, and took on the role of Chinatown residents faced with real challenges and decisions. [2011]

Hub2 brings citizens together in virtual spaces to collaborate, participate in workshops, and reimagine their communities together. [2011]

Engagement Game Lab students create their own games and projects, including Level 257, a monthly multi-media exploration of games.